This is my personal site that's meant to cover anything that I'm interested but with a focus on actuarial, analytical, COVID-19 and other related topics.  All thoughts represent my own.

This blog is really about having a place to write about things that have no home elsewhere, or to point out work (mine or otherwise) published elsewhere.

Why "Unsupervised"?

I called it "Unsupervised" because it's my personal  "unsupervised" space and a bit of a "dad joke" to the topic of unsupervised learning.  I feel that's relevant in two ways:

  • I enjoy self-learning new and diverse topics.  If anything I'd like to share some of that here.
  • Unsupervised learning touches on the world of analytics and machine learning.
  • Unsupervised learning is also often focused on clustering data and bringing them together, which ties to idea of bringing together topics in one place that may be disjoint but also have links between them

I also just find it a cool name, in a very geeky kind of way.

Unsupervised but "Serious"

I'm an actuary working as Head of Research & Analytics of the CUSAC Segment at Gen Re.  This segment covers life and health reinsurance business in Australia, Canada, Carribean, Ireland, Sub-saharan Africa, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.  Here I to work on analytics in a life insurance business context.  You can read some of my Gen Re content here.

Given the analytical focus of my work I will also write a few things about analytics, machine learning etc. here.

As an actuary I also believe our profession has much to contribute to the thinking about COVID-19 and have done a lot of work on that available here.  I'm also a member of the COVID-19 Actuaries Response Group.  You can my written contributions for them here.

I also believe bitcoin has a massive contribution to play in the future of life, finance and money worldwide but especially in South Africa and Africa.  I hope to write more on this topic here.

And then as an actuary some of my posts my touch on actuarial topics or at least I may point out some interesting contributions in the space.

Unsupervised fun

I haven not started yet but may also post about travel, photography, hiking and random things as they come up.  Travel (at least the international kind) may be mainly retrospective for the moment...

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