Future Actuary - Data scientist, coder, business leader, entrepreneur...

Actuarial Apr 21, 2019

Did a presentation at the IAA Section Colloquium 2019 that covered trends that are changing the work of an actuary, and based on these trends we need to ensure our future actuaries are sufficiently skilled and flexible to adapt and flourish in an ever changing environment. We need to continue to develop skills in a number of areas:

  • Developing skills in excellence in the understanding of data and analytics.
  • Taking modelling skills further into a world of programming skills and best practices.
  • Making business and financial sense of the above and being able to target time and resources efficiently to business problems is critical.
  • Professionalism in existing areas as well as new areas is what will have to remain a differentiating feature.

A recording is available here (password required).


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