South African COVID-19 cases are continuing to rise

COVID-19 Jun 7, 2021

Cases are continuing to rise with the reproduction number remaining high.  In the last 7-days I was interviewed for two pieces on the topic.  The first was for News24 where I focussed on rising cases in Gauteng:

Covid-19 cases rising rapidly in Gauteng - actuary’s data | News24
Cases are also rising in the Eastern Cape which faced a tough second phase.

The second was an interview with Eyewitness News that focussed on case numbers more generally.  I believe the audio was also used on 702 and Cape Talk radio.

It's also appeared in a few other places:

Average daily rate of new COVID infections now at 4,500
Gauteng by far tops the list of provinces registering the highest number of active COVID-19 cases.


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