To boost or not to boost - On Radio

COVID-19 Aug 5, 2021

I was recently interviewed as part of a segment on booster vaccinations on the CBC Radio One show "The Current".  The show was broadcast on 5 August 2021 in Canada.

You can listen to it at the link below.  The show is well worth a listen but the bit where I feature starts at about 10:30.

Should Canadians be offered booster shots, when poorer countries struggle to access vaccines? | The Current with Matt Galloway | Live Radio | CBC Listen
Should richer countries be offering citizens third, booster shots of COVID-19 vaccines (in some cases to allow international travel), or should those shots be shared globally, with countries where access to vaccines is low? Guest host Rosemary Barton speaks to Benoit Barbeau, a virologist at the Uni…

I comment on the article I wrote for the COVID-19 Actuaries Response Group ("yes that really exists").  You can read it in full here:

To boost or not to boost, that is the question - COVID-19 Actuaries Response Group
Bulletin 129 | Louis Rossouw In this bulletin Louis Rossouw investigates the question of booster shots. High-income countries are progressing rapidly with vaccination and are starting to consider the use of booster shots where many low-income countries are struggling to vaccinate significant numbers…


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